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Payroll Accounting

The outsourcing of payroll accounting provides cost-effective and professional security for small and medium-sized businesses. Professional and accurate payroll accounting provides data that is of great importance to both employees and employers.
Our expertise and experience in the areas of personal income tax, social security and pension contributions, and all other liabilities to be accounted for in connection with employment, and their full administration, is exemplary. We treat all information and data that comes to our knowledge during payroll accounting with the utmost confidentiality in accordance with the strictest requirements.

What We Offer Over Our Competitors

A dedicated contact person

To whom you can turn at any time

Preparation of general ledger posting

In the required structure

Full moral and financial responsibility

We have extensive professional liability insurance

An electronic payroll

With an electronic receipt log

Benefits planning

Tailored to your needs

A web-based attendance register and a cafeteria system

Modern, paperless, and comfortable

A modern, secure IT background

Keeping in mind innovative solutions

Social security paying agent management

For organizations with over 100 employees

Cost centres, departments, and sites

Organizational structure management